Choosing the Right Pain Management Expert

The process of finding a pain management expert like Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee who manages the Pacific Pain Care Institute is not an easy one. You need to start by deciding whether you need a pain specialist or not. Then you need to focus on which pains are bothering you the most. Finally, you need to decide which pain management expert will be able to help you the most. Keep scrolling to get the answers!

Who is a Pain Management Expert?
A pain management expert is a doctor who has authority in managing pain in her or his field. The fields vary from neurology to psychiatry or even anesthesiology. You need to discuss with your primary care physician about which type of pain expert you need.
The type of pain management expert you need will depend on your health condition too. For instance, if you have lung cancer operations, you can take the help of a pain specialist in anesthesiology. Similarly, if you have joint replacement issues, you can trust a pain specialist in orthopedic surgery.

Why Americans Need Pain Management Experts?
Americans need the services of pain management experts because pain is a common problem in the US. According to stats, over 76 million Americans who were 20 years or older accepted that they had had pain episodes that lasted for more than 24 hours.

How Pain Management Experts Work?
Chronic pain is different from acute pain because it lasts much longer. Sometimes the reason for chronic pain is a serious illness like cancer or a sprained back. In some cases, the pain can be there even if you don’t have a serious illness or an injury!
A few examples of chronic pain are nerve pain, back pain, migraines, neck pain, cancer pain, arthritis, shingles, etc.

Types of Pain Management Experts
There are various types of pain management experts. Some of them are:
Neurosurgeons- They provide nerve blocks or oral medications. They often do nerve or spine surgeries too.
Anesthesiologists – They often provide trigger point injections or nerve blocks. Sometimes, they also implant devices like pumps or stimulators.
Physiatrists – They provide physical, occupational and recreational therapies. They also implant medication pumps and implant stimulators.
Psychiatrists – These pain management experts offer various therapies like family counseling, biofeedback, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapies, etc. They also find out how pain is affecting the quality of life and try to help with that too.

Now, if you are looking for a pain care clinic where you can get access to these experts, their knowledge and expertise then you should contact Pacific Pain Care Institute. We help you get rid of different types of pain effectively!

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