Corona Physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee Opens Up About Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment


Despite what you may think. There is hope out there.


Corona Physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee Opens Up About Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment
CORONA, Calif., October 20, 2018 ( - Addiction to anything is bad, be it the addition to sugar-laden foods or the addiction to medicines. Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee, an expert on medically assisted addiction treatment recently opened up about what is the treatment about and what happens when a person seeks it. Dr. Banerjee also highlighted some eye-opening facts & figures regarding drug addiction.

Sharing the definition of addiction, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is a chronic disease of motivation, brain reward, memory, and other related circuitry. When there is a dysfunction in these circuits, it leans to vital social, psychological, spiritual and biological manifestations. When a person becomes an addict, he or she pursues relief from substance use. A person can be categorized as an addict when he or she fails to abstain consistently and craves something. The person also has impairment in behavioral control, fails to see his or her behavior can lead to problems and has a malfunction emotional response."

Explaining further, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “I truly believe that addiction is a chronic disease wherein one cannot hope for quick results. Addiction often has cycles of remission and relapse. Addiction is also deadly because, without proper and constant treatment, the person can head toward a premature death.”

Addiction and drug abuse cost about USD 200 billion to the American society in 2007 according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The costs included everything from healthcare to criminal justice, the legal fee to lost participation costs or workplace production.



Talking about the importance of medically assisted addiction treatment, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “Research conducted in the field of medication-assisted treatment has discovered that in order to get over the substance use disorder and attain sustained recovery, a combination of therapy and medication is needed. When a patient opts to go for medically assisted addiction treatment, he or she will feel some relief from symptoms of withdrawal, have fewer cravings and would block a person’s brain’s ability to experience the effect of a substance. In many cases, the medically-assisted addiction treatments can boost the odds pertaining to long-term recovery.”

Asserting that medically-assisted addiction treatment needs to be adopted as soon as possible, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “It is a fact that the sooner you start medically-assisted addiction treatments, the better would be the results. If you go for this treatment option in the early recovery stage, when you are going through withdrawal and detoxification, the chances of success would increase manifold.”

Talking about withdrawal in detail, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “When you stop using any addictive substance like opioids, your body will go through withdrawal and your body will adjust to functioning without the opioids. As your body would likely be dependent on opioids by this stage, you will need to fight certain symptoms like chills, pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. These symptoms might torment you from anywhere between a week or a month so you should be ready to fight them.”

Highlighting the often-underestimated emotional symptoms of addiction, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “Many patients are so focused on fighting the physical symptoms that they fail to be prepared to fight emotional symptoms of addiction like depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, etc. A person usually needs months or years to fight these symptoms and, in most cases, medications to fight these symptoms and reduce dependence on an addictive substance is also recommended.”

Describing the first step away from any kind of addiction as a crucial one, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee said “Taking the first step towards medically-assisted addiction treatment is crucial because when you reach out for help, it is a sign that says you are willing to give up the substance you are addicted to you and you see some hope in life. Reaching out for help for the first time is most difficult and when you cross that hurdle, it is highly likely that you will be able to stick to the path of addiction-free life for long.”

When asked about the need for medically assisted addiction treatment, Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee shared some blood-chilling facts and figures. He said “Data gathered via National Survey on Drug Use and Health states that over 21 million Americans aged 12 or more battled some form of substance use disorder and more than 7 million Americans battled a drug use disorder in 2014. According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, about 8 million American adults battled a substance abuse disorder and a mental health disorder or several co-occurring disorders in 2014.”

Corona physician, Dr. Sanjoy Banerjee also mentioned the cost of drug abuse and addiction.

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