Post Stroke Pain; Treated with Radio Frequency Ablation and Prolotherapy- Testimonial

John has been a patient of ours for several months. He was referred by his Neurologist for the treatment of post stroke pain. Initially he had pain in his right arm, right lower back and right leg after a left hemisphere stroke 3 years ago. He had been suffering for several years with this pain and reduced function of his right arm. His physicians prior had been treating him for chronic post stroke pain with medications.

When he started seeing us we tried a variety of medications including opioids, anti-neuropathics, anti spasmodics and NMDA antagonists with minimal relief and cognitive side effects. We obtained an MRI of his Cervical spine to see if his right arm pain was coming from discs in his neck pressing on the nerves of his right arm, He did have some disc bulges with nerve root compression and underwent cervical epidural steroid injections with some relief. His right low back pain was found to be arthritis of the right lower lumbar facet joints from physical examination and MRI of his lumbar spine. We performed radiofrequency ablation of the nerves supplying the right lower lumbar facets with excellent relief of his low back pain and also his right leg pain which was from the facet joints also. His low back pain was resolved.

The right arm was still bothering him, the cervical epidural did not give him the long term relief we expected. We then changed our focus to his right shoulder as a possible pain generator. We obtained an MRI of his right shoulder which showed an old rotator cuff tear- the ends were too far apart to approximate and was not amenable to surgery as he was at high risk for frozen shoulder. Per his orthopedic surgeons (2 opinions) he would need physical therapy and cortisone shots in his right shoulder. He got these, but they were not helpful.

We started him on a course of proliferative therapy (prolotherapy) injections in his shoulder, capsule and bursa’s with ultrasound guidance. This helped with his pain by causing inflammation and proliferation of fibrous tissues to strengthen his shoulder capsule. As a result he has less pain and uses less pain medication. Also as seen on the video his right arm function is returning the loss of which was attributed to his stroke but turned out to be originating from his shoulder.

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